Take A Suitcase, Change A Life!

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Not Just Tourists is 100% volunteer run, we operate without a budget and do not ask for nor solicit financial donations. Here's how you can help:

Carry Supplies

Deliver medical supplies to a needy clinic on your vacation. We provide the suitcase, medical supplies and letters.

1606 Suitcases Sent/ 787,000 LBS Medical Supplies Delivered


Join the cause! Help us pick up, sort and pack medical supplies, contact travellers, speak to groups and respond to emails.

1,550 Volunteers

Donate Supplies

We accept sealed: Bandages, syringes, tapes, gowns, masks, gloves, IV kits, urinary , surgical, equipment.

795,000 LBS of Medical Supplies/Equipment Donated

Submit Clinic

Submit a foreign non-profit clinic in need. We will do our best to get much needed medical supplies to them.

625 clinics listed