Statement of Principles

Originally launched in St. Catharines, Ontario, Not Just Tourists has a proud history of more than 25 years of humanitarian service to developing nations.

Our Values:
We Are Collaborative
We Are Transparent
We Are Non-Bureaucratic
We Are Committed
We Are Inclusive
The Project Is About Love

United in the desire to continue this proud history, the organizers of Not Just Tourists groups across Canada agree to be guided by the following general principles:

Groups will be organized, governed, and operated by volunteers.

Groups will be constituted as, and continue to be, not-for-profit organizations.

Non-Political & Secular
While individuals may hold differing political views, groups will not express support for or promote any political party, philosophy, religious organization, or group.

Groups will endeavour to share information which may be useful to other groups where this is practical and to consider the impact of their actions and policies on other groups.

Groups will not endorse products or businesses.

All donations made to the organization become the property of the organization and are to be used exclusively to provide humanitarian aid to countries in need of such aid.