About Us:

Not Just Tourists Toronto is a volunteer-based, not-for-profit project that collects surplus medical supplies for use in clinics in developing countries. Canadians travelling on business or vacation deliver these much-needed supplies to doctors and clinics in their travel destinations.

Donated medical supplies are packed in donated suitcases with a letter  addressed to a doctor or clinic in the other country. One suitcase is sent with each volunteer tourist or business traveller to that country. The suitcase is delivered to or picked up by the intended recipient and the suitcase is left with the medicines.

This delivery of humanitarian aid is a valuable contribution to people in need of medications and medical supplies. Not Just Tourists provides a unique and rewarding opportunity to meet with people abroad – outside of the tourist industry.

Not Just Tourists Toronto is modelled on a long-running project in St.Catharines, Ontario.  It was started by Dr. Ken Taylor and Denise Taylor.  In recent years, we have offered to mentor others interested in starting an NJT group in their communities.  In part as a result of our efforts, NJT groups are now functioning in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, and Kingston.  Other groups are “works in progress

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