How We Pack Supplies

Volunteers, under the supervision of a medical professional, sort and check the donated medical supplies. The medical supplies are then placed on shelves and ready for packing in suitcases


  • Suitcases are only to be packed under the supervision and direction of a nurse or medical doctor.  Every suitcase must be inspected and a letter signed before the suitcase can be sent with a traveler.
  • Decisions concerning sorting, organization, and storing of donations at the depot are to be made by the lead nurse in consultation.
  • A packed suitcase should contain a plastic sleeve with:

1) A doctor’s letter

2) A NJTT brochure and flyer

3) A copy of our instructions to travelers.

The suitcase should be left open for inspection :

  • Most items should be packed neatly into sealed plastic bags before being put into a suitcase.  Breakable items should be packed in bubble wrap.
  • At the end of a packing session the total weight of all the suitcases packed that day should be recorded on the list on the wall next to our main door.